So Say SMEs in Virtualization and Cloud 2013 | Defying Conventions at VMworld 2013

VMworld 2013 marked the 10th year of VMworld goodness. For me, this signified my 5th straight and 6th overall time attending VMworld US. It, also, represented the first time that I was free of Conference responsibilities and deliverables since I paid my own way. It was my best experience at VMworld ever and my gold standard.

In this week’s episode of So Say SMEs in Virtualization & Cloud, Todd and I discuss VMworld 2013 announcements with a starry appearance. Let us know what you think.

VMworld 2013: A New Perspective for Me

VMworld 2013 marked the first that I did not have to work VMworld USA as a speaker, booth and theater presenter, or social media lead at VMworld for Dell. And it was my best experience ever. I was finally able to do as I pleased, which meant less fluffy work and more meaningful conversations.

I had only one objective at VMworld 2013 and that was to enjoy it thoroughly. Since enjoyment is subjective, I thought about how I could measure it objectively. I came up with a simple metric – one shining moment. One shining moment is defined as a point in time in which a contextual conversation with someone at the show provided a memorable, meaningful point of clarity and tranquility.

The one shining moment metric became the basis for a series of blog that will highlight my highlights at VMworld 2013. I’m not sure how many there will be because I took no notes or recordings. I will be doing this based solely on the conversations that left one shining moments in my mind.

So Say SMEs in Virtualization & Cloud 2013 | Software Development Methods

First of all, thank you to Laura Fragoso, Senior VP Marketing for the Round Rock Express, for allowing us the great privilege of filming this week’s episode of So Say SMEs in Virtualization & Cloud 2013 inside the Dell Diamond.

In this week’s episode, @VirtualTodd and I talk about software development methods. These methods include Scrum, Agile and Kanban with a mention of Waterfall as well. And since it wouldn’t be a proper So Say SMEs episode with a sports reference, we covered Moneyball and the applied use of big data and business intelligence analytics to America’s past time, baseball.

As always, let us know what you think.

So Say SMEs in Virtualization & Cloud 2013 | Software Defined

So Say SMEs in Virtualization & Cloud is back and on its new YouTube Channel. I’m happy to get back into the IT flow with my co-host, Todd Muirhead. Thank you for your support.

In this week’s episode, we discuss the often overused and much maligned descriptor – software defined (SD). Marketeers have appended this term to so many products and features that it has become noise when it should be the primary signal. A signal of what I like to call the connected abstraction ecosystem era. An ecosystem of connected abstractions is what software defined anything should properly enable since it seeks to abstract control such that the physical layers and dependencies become “don’t cares” as long as a physical connection exists.

As always, I appreciate your thoughts and conversations.

Hope and Competition in the Stack Wars

Recent announcements in the cloud and virtualization industry have provided hope and competition in the Stack Wars. Similarly, my Seattle Seahawks have provided their 12th Man with hope as they have embraced Coach Carroll’s ‘Win forever’ and ‘Compete, compete, compete’ attitude.

The Aftermath of VMworld 2012

I’ve been catching up on expense reports, emails and daily ops. The following video provides some glimpses into the points of emphasis at VMworld 2012. It will be an interesting second half of the year as work flows & processes turn into execution of end-to-end solution stacks. The Stack Wars are in full swing.