Hybrid Clouds According to Me

I recently participated in a BrightTALK webinar session to cover the topic of Hybrid Clouds with a distinguished panel moderated by Cloud Pro Editor, Max Cooter. The first topic that we covered was the confusion around defining what Hybrid Cloud is and is not.


To me, Hybrid Cloud is simply a mix of Public and Private Clouds, where Public Cloud is commoditized resources think Amazon Web Services and Private Cloud is customized resources i.e. the Cloud that your org would design, stand up and deliver your special sauce services with.

In this form, Hybrid Cloud is the deliverer of ITaaS. It leverages the commoditization, agility and availability of IaaS while incorporating the value add intellectual property of your IT and development teams. I believe that ITaaS is the new reality of IT and that the new success criteria will be encompassed by the services consumption efficacy, which will be covered in a future blog post.

Let me know what you think of my definition of Hybrid Cloud. I welcome all discussion and appreciate your time, thoughts and conversation.