Hope and Competition in the Stack Wars

Recent announcements in the cloud and virtualization industry have provided hope and competition in the Stack Wars. Similarly, my Seattle Seahawks have provided their 12th Man with hope as they have embraced Coach Carroll’s ‘Win forever’ and ‘Compete, compete, compete’ attitude.

My First US Patent 8176497 – Method to Handle Peak Database Workloads

US Patent 8176497: A method to handle peak database workloads is disclosed. In one form of the disclosure, the method can include requesting resources, receiving virtual-machine information in response to requesting, and allocating first and second portions of a workload according to the virtual-machine information. The method can also include processing the first portion on a virtual machine to generate a first result, processing the second portion on a cloned virtual machine to generate a second result, and aggregating the first and the second results to form a response.