From Inception to Conclusion, ‘The Dark Knight’ Trilogy Delivered

The trilogy has finally concluded and it was a fitting conclusion.Was it perfect? No, but it was satisfying given how much expectation I had going into it. I refuse to provide any spoilers. So I’ll keep it short and sweet – ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is a fantastic film.

Meeting SMEs: Those who do, do. Those who can’t, meet.

In the perfect world, meetings are a time when decisions are made, statuses are presented in a clear & concise manner and relevant information is shared readily and freely. Essentially, it’s a necessary tool to complete the job. Unfortunately, a lot has been lost in translation as meetings are now subject to tangential discussions, meaningless talk with no action, political grandstanding and passing the buck.

There was a saying about teachers that was quite unfair because teachers, at least the good ones, mold future generations by imparting wisdom and lessons that will sustain us through life’s adventures. Meeting SMEs, on the other hand, merely hoard time that we can never, ever get back. So to that, I say – “Those who do, do. Those who can’t, meet.”

Highlighting the Dell Storage Infrastructure and Solutions Team

I wanted to share a Dell TechCenter wiki page that has many useful white papers covering Dell EqualLogic Storage Solutions stack. Take a bow Dell Storage Infrastructure and Solutions (SIS) team. Well done! I take great pleasure in knowing that I’m able to showcase the great work produced by fellow Dell engineers, whom I’m fortunate enough to count as friends as well.

URL: Dell SIS on

SMB: Small Medium Business Doesn’t Mean Small and Medium Feature Set

In Episode 26 of ‘So Say SMEs,’ I covered Small and Medium Business (SMB) with my co-host, Todd Muirhead. The point that I wanted to make was that regardless of how the SMB is classified by a company i.e. size of company or size of company spend, the needs of SMB are similar to departments in large enterprise, public, and Global 500. For instance, to enable availability, backup and disaster recovery, the SMB still needs the similar features that larger entities would require. The base feature sets to be implemented and integrated into data centers are essentially the same, whether you are SMB or not. Keeping this in mind, the focus should not be on the classification of SMB but rather on the features that enable the SMB to efficiently run their business and grow their business. Let me know what you think.

‘So Say SMEs’ and ‘Solutions by Engineers for Engineers’

What’s the difference between So Say SMEs in Virtualization and Cloud (SSS) and Solutions by Engineers for Engineers (SEE)?

SSS is a high level, impromptu conversation about the latest tech trends in virtualization and cloud. The topic is broad. It is not meant to be a technical deep dive. On the other hand, SEE is a technical deep dive on a specific topic. It’s focused on a single topic.

My First US Patent 8176497 – Method to Handle Peak Database Workloads

US Patent 8176497: A method to handle peak database workloads is disclosed. In one form of the disclosure, the method can include requesting resources, receiving virtual-machine information in response to requesting, and allocating first and second portions of a workload according to the virtual-machine information. The method can also include processing the first portion on a virtual machine to generate a first result, processing the second portion on a cloned virtual machine to generate a second result, and aggregating the first and the second results to form a response.

Consolation Prize: Thinking Beyond Acceptance or Denial

Last week on “So Say SMEs” I discussed tips for VMworld submissions with my co-host, Todd Muirhead. While submission acceptance is the end goal, it should not be the only key performance indicator i.e. measure of success. Many times, the secondary benefits of working through the submission and its process is just as worthwhile. This is not to belittle being chosen – that is a wonderful honor and distinction; but rather a focus on the positives associated with conceiving an well-thought through idea and walking it to completion.

I’ll be honest and say that any denial is a definite hit to the engineering ego. It is a sort of feeling that can lead to self-doubt and what-ifs. Instead of allowing it to fester and cause detriment, focus on getting better by doing something about it. With experience comes self-acceptance and with that comes the confidence to do the right thing even if an opportunity is initially denied.

In this example, not being chosen for VMworld is not the end-all, be-all consequence if I choose to not allow it to be. If I have confidence in the content  and context of my submission, I should follow through and complete it. That journey is justifiable rewards. I will have enhanced my technical capabilities and gain further understanding and insights into a complex IT solution stack. The bonus is that VMware has many other venues that allow participation and presentation such as vForums and VMUGs. In addition, Dell has many User Group events that can highlight Dell | VMware solution stacks. Lastly, you can even put it on your own blog or start a blog if you don’t already have one.

In short, a closed door should never be taken as a sign of failure. If you keep working, learning and growing, it just means that you will now have a new key for a different door. By the way, my key opened the door that is