From Inception to Conclusion, ‘The Dark Knight’ Trilogy Delivered

The trilogy has finally concluded and it was a fitting conclusion.Was it perfect? No, but it was satisfying given how much expectation I had going into it. I refuse to provide any spoilers. So I’ll keep it short and sweet – ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is a fantastic film.

Meeting SMEs: Those who do, do. Those who can’t, meet.

In the perfect world, meetings are a time when decisions are made, statuses are presented in a clear & concise manner and relevant information is shared readily and freely. Essentially, it’s a necessary tool to complete the job. Unfortunately, a lot has been lost in translation as meetings are now subject to tangential discussions, meaningless talk with no action, political grandstanding and passing the buck.

There was a saying about teachers that was quite unfair because teachers, at least the good ones, mold future generations by imparting wisdom and lessons that will sustain us through life’s adventures. Meeting SMEs, on the other hand, merely hoard time that we can never, ever get back. So to that, I say – “Those who do, do. Those who can’t, meet.”

Introducing the SME in Me

Introducing the SME in Me

I have spent my entire professional career at Dell Inc wearing three distinct hats during my time. First, I was a member of the technical staff in the Office of the CTO working on performance analysis and competitive benchmarking. Next, I was a system engineer designing and delivering the first virtualization advisor and reference architecture at Dell. Currently, I am a technical marketer in the Global Online Digital Media team in Commercial Business Unit. I have senior systems engineering responsibilities with content creation in addition to my B2B marketing deliverables and my social media & community management duties. I was recently profiled on VMTN as a VMware vExpert. I am honored to have earned the designation for my contributions and evangelism of Dell | VMware solution stacks.

I co-host a weekly virtualization and cloud series with my friend, Todd Muirhead, called ‘So Say SMEs.’ Click the image below to view the published episodes. My blog is intended to express my unfiltered thoughts around technology, IT and my profession.

So Say SMEs in Virtualization and Cloud