vDM30in30 – Day 3: Failure

Fail fast, learn, and move on. A simple motto to live by for any IT professional. Unfortunately, many of us aren’t given the luxury of failing aka being wrong. We get paid to be right and sometimes, we get paid a lot to fix things that others foo’d up. And that’s why I’ve seen so many IT pros not know how to handle failure. Call it ego or stubbornness, not being able to gracefully handle failure can end any IT career.


So how does one navigate failure when failing is not an option? Start with a process.

  1. Hypothesis.
  2. Test that hypothesis at a small scale and gradually increase scale.
  3. Measure and analyze key data.
  4. Move forward based on data and your experience in your data center environment.
  5. Repeat this cycle for your solution as your environment variables change over time.

Seems simple enough; but what do you do when failure is not an option? You take a stand because failure needs to be an option. Failure is that limit, that boundary where you rise or you fall. And at that moment, lots of great things can happen like learning where you want to go, learning what you want to become, and learning to become better than you were prior to failing.

So my POV is this – plan for failure by having a process to gracefully handle failure such that you become a better professional, more sought after professional. Anyways, being right all the time is tiring and frankly, boring.