Family Friends Forked #DescribeYourselfIn3Words

Twitter hashtag trends are fun little exercise in creativity in 140 characters. Today was no different as one was asked to #DescribeYourselfIn3Words. I choose Family, Friends, and Forked. The first two are obvious but the last word seemed to confuse folks so here is my clarification for describing myself as forked.

Forked pays homage to my engineering background and the choices made in life. In its simplified form, a fork is a place where one can travel in one of two distinct and different paths. A decision is made on which path to take. In fact, it’s a binary decision – “1” on the path taken and “0” on the path not taken. Simple and fundamental, yet able to build sophisticated and complex instantiations such as one’s life experience.

Yes, I could have said bifurcated but forking is more elegant and to-the-point than bifurcating. Forking has made me to who I am and who I continue to become. I’ve forked so many times that I’ve lost count; but each decision continues to mold the present and future me. And that’s why I’m forked — it describes me perfectly.

What three words would describe you?