Gravitated to Gravitant.


I am excited to announce that I’ve accepted an offer to join Gravitant. My first day is October 2nd. I will be Gravitant’s Cloud Practice Leader, a role that will utilize my contextual content creation, technical, marketing and social media skills while allowing me to explore new frontiers in my professional career. I look forward to working with my Gravitant teammates on delivering awesomesauce and making it easier for customers to join the Cloud Revolution.

Based in Austin, Gravitant produces cloudMatrix, the leading Cloud Services Brokerage and Management Platform in the market. cloudMatrix makes hybrid and multi-cloud services easy to procure, consume and manage; thus, enabling ITaaS, which aims to run IT like a business and optimize IT production for business consumption.

The key to ITaaS success is business consumption efficacy. ITaaS exists to move business forward. And business can only move forward when consumption is efficient and effective. Business consumption efficacy depends on availability, elasticity, measurability, self-service and agility. Cloud services provide these benefits but what happens when there is disruption to Cloud services? One possible solution is enabling availability across multiple cloud vendors to ensure business consumption continuity. This is one example where cloudMatrix can excel to enable seamless Cloud agnosticism.

Thank you for your friendship, support and conversations. I look forward to Cloudy connections, challenges and conversations.

So Say SMEs in Virtualization and Cloud 2013 | Free Agents

The only constant in life is change. And it is up to individuals to deal with these changes. Such is the case for fantasy football teams who need to make adjustments after their fantasy drafts. Similarly, vendors need to make similar adjustments when highly visible employees depart their company. The percentage of departures are especially high after major conferences such as VMworld 2013. Big companies can cope by promoting within or hiring from outside but lose too many of these highly prized assets and it can drastically change the fortune of a company.

In this week’s episode of So Say SMEs in Virtualization & Cloud, Todd and I discuss IT free agents in the overall scheme of things. Let us know what you think.

So Say SMEs in Virtualization and Cloud 2013 | Defying Conventions at VMworld 2013

VMworld 2013 marked the 10th year of VMworld goodness. For me, this signified my 5th straight and 6th overall time attending VMworld US. It, also, represented the first time that I was free of Conference responsibilities and deliverables since I paid my own way. It was my best experience at VMworld ever and my gold standard.

In this week’s episode of So Say SMEs in Virtualization & Cloud, Todd and I discuss VMworld 2013 announcements with a starry appearance. Let us know what you think.