VMworld 2013: A New Perspective for Me

VMworld 2013 marked the first that I did not have to work VMworld USA as a speaker, booth and theater presenter, or social media lead at VMworld for Dell. And it was my best experience ever. I was finally able to do as I pleased, which meant less fluffy work and more meaningful conversations.

I had only one objective at VMworld 2013 and that was to enjoy it thoroughly. Since enjoyment is subjective, I thought about how I could measure it objectively. I came up with a simple metric Рone shining moment. One shining moment is defined as a point in time in which a contextual conversation with someone at the show provided a memorable, meaningful point of clarity and tranquility.

The one shining moment metric became the basis for a series of blog that will highlight my highlights at VMworld 2013. I’m not sure how many there will be because I took no notes or recordings. I will be doing this based solely on the conversations that left one shining moments in my mind.