Now Available: Dell Customized Bits for VMware vSphere 5.1

UPDATE: I am no longer with Dell. Please refer all questions to or @DellTechCenter on Twitter. Thanks.

Dell Customized bits for VMware vSphere 5.1(ESXi 5.1) is now available:

Compatible Dell PowerEdge Servers Include:

PowerEdge 1950

PowerEdge 2900

PowerEdge 2950

PowerEdge 2970

PowerEdge M420

PowerEdge M520

PowerEdge M610

PowerEdge M610x

PowerEdge M620

PowerEdge M710

PowerEdge M710HD

PowerEdge M805

PowerEdge M820

PowerEdge M905

PowerEdge M910

PowerEdge M915

PowerEdge R320

PowerEdge R420

PowerEdge R510

PowerEdge R520

PowerEdge R610

PowerEdge R620

PowerEdge R710

PowerEdge R715

PowerEdge R720

PowerEdge R720xd

PowerEdge R805

PowerEdge R810

PowerEdge R815

PowerEdge R820

PowerEdge R900

PowerEdge R905

PowerEdge R910

PowerEdge T320

PowerEdge T420

PowerEdge T605

PowerEdge T610

PowerEdge T620

PowerEdge T710

Important Release Notes:

You should use VirtualCenter 5.1 (latest build) with this release. The Dell Customized ESXi Factory image does not include Dell OpenManage Server Administrator. For detailed instructions to install and use Dell OpenManage Server Administrator, see the Dell OpenManage documentation at Select Software, then Systems Management.

This image is customized by Dell which includes updated Driver/Provider versions. Dell also modifies the below files as part of customization.

– etc/vmware/oem.xml

– etc/vmware/support

The drivers included in this ESXi image by Dell as part of customization are:

Broadcom Network Adapter Drivers & its Versions(Available at ================================================================ tg3 – 3.123b.v50.1

bnx2 – 2.2.1l.v50.1
bnx2x – 1.72.54.v50.2
cnic – 1.72.50.v50.1
bnx2fc – 1.72.51.v50.1
bnx2i – 2.72.10.v50.2
misc-cnic-register – 1.72.1.v50.1
Storage Controller Driver & its Version(Available at =====================================================
mpt2sas –
Brocade CNA Drivers & its Versions(Available at ====================================================
bfa – bfa –
Intel Network Adapter Drivers & its Versions(Available at ===========================================================
igb –
Qlogic HBA Drivers & its versions(Available at ==================================================
qla2xxx – 911.k1.1-26vmw
qla4xxx – 624.01.43-1vmw
ima-qla4xxx – 500.2.01.31-1vmw
qlcnic – 5.0.746
qlge –
Emulex HBA Drivers & its versions (Available at ===================================================
be2iscsi – 4.1.334.3
ima-be2iscsi – 4.1.334.3
NOTE: The list of files appended/modified/customized by Dell may change during a later release.

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Kong L. Yang

@kongyang on Twitter. I do what I love and I love what I do.

36 thoughts on “Now Available: Dell Customized Bits for VMware vSphere 5.1”

    1. Tony-

      I just re-verified that the download is available on Chrome, Firefox and IE8 via the Single-file download method. Can you post the URL that giving you that message and I’ll pass it on to our eDell team? Thank you.



      1. Thanks Kong. When I select single file download, and click Continue, there’s a pause while the connection is redirected to (I’m in the UK), then I just get the error message.

        The URL before I click continue is

        Then after the error, the URL is;

        Hope that helps

      2. Hi Tony – I’ve updated with hyperlink to point to the direct auto-download URL. It should just start the download of the Dell Customized bits if you click on it. If this still does not work for you, please let me know again. I have sent a message to our eDell team with your comments here. Thank you.



  1. Thanks for looking into this. Still doesn’t work unfortunately, and I can also confirm if I try this from home (80Mb fibre), then I get the same error. Could this be a problem when downloading from outside the US?

    1. Hello Vincent,

      The Dell customized bits do support the Dell PowerEdge R510 so go ahead and install with the ISOs that you can download from the links on my blog post. In order to support VMware View, please use the VMware KB that you mentioned and simply use option 2 – download & apply ESXi Patch 510-201210001. That will allow you to support a VMware View environment while utilizing the Dell customized bits.



  2. Hi Kong
    Is there any dell customized VMware vSphere 5.1 image for VMware autodeploy . Becos I tried using the Standard VMware vSphere 5.1 image but its not detecting the Qlogic Network cards .

    Aquiline George Neville

    1. Hi Aquiline,

      1. What QLogic CNA are you using?
      2. What error are you seeing? Are you able to (g)PXE boot but loading ESXi fails with “Network adapter not found?”
      3. Are you running the latest available FW for the QLogic CNAs?



  3. Is there a way to make this ISO work with the VMware Update Manager for doing upgrades? So far it only seems to work as a stand-alone fresh installer.

    Jonathon Taylor

      1. Hi Kong,
        Did were you ever able to verify if the ISO worked within Update Manager for doing upgrades to 5.0 hosts?

      2. Jonathan and RH,

        Sorry for the delayed response.

        The word from the HE team is: Yes, the Dell customized ISO images + VUM combo is a tested and supported combo for upgraded purpose. However, this combo can’t be used for upgrading to update releases i.e. v5.0 to v5.0 U1.

        Hope this helps.


  4. Hello Kong,

    Will this image install on a PE2850? I know the 2850’s do not support 64 bit guests but I’m curious if it’ll work at all.


      1. Thank you Kong,

        I just tried installing this image on my PE2850. It gave me an error saying the CPU is not supported. Oh well, guess I need to keep an eye out for a cheap 2950. 🙂

  5. Hi all. Just wondering: does the 5.1 A01 (latest) contain the OME mib? Or does this need to be installed after wards via SSH, CLI, etc? Thanks.

    1. Hi Donald,

      Per VMware policy, Dell is not allowed to provide the zipped version of our Dell customized image. But customers can create one using the instructions provided in the Dell whitepaper linked on this wiki article:

      The direct URL to whitepaper is here: The section that pertains to the zipped bundle is page 4-6. It provides step by step details on creating an offline image depot for VMware Auto Deploy. Lastly, this whitepaper that covers Dell customized image for Auto Deploy is a tested and supported config per Dell Hypervisor Enablement team.



  6. What is the proper way of updating the Dell bits in the customized image? Say I’m going from 5.0 U1 to 5.0 U2, how would I update those drivers?

  7. Hi Kong,

    can i use this iso to upgrade preinstalled esxi4.1 on dell r720 to esxi 5.1? i have try to upgrade using this iso ( VMware-VMvisor-Installer-5.1.0.update01-1065491.x86_64-Dell_Customized_RecoveryCD_A01 )
    provided by my friend. but i wasnt successfull although i confirm i doing it correct way. it say that it will repartion the disk and delete everything inside. but after succesfull install and reboot, the esxi 4.1 is still there. but without datastores. can help to give some ideas?

    1. Hi FaT,

      I am no longer with Dell; but I have forwarded your question and contact info to Dell engineers. Hopefully, they will be in contact with you on your question since I have not personally done that upgrade and I also no longer have access to the data center.


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