SMB: Small Medium Business Doesn’t Mean Small and Medium Feature Set

In Episode 26 of ‘So Say SMEs,’ I covered Small and Medium Business (SMB) with my co-host, Todd Muirhead. The point that I wanted to make was that regardless of how the SMB is classified by a company i.e. size of company or size of company spend, the needs of SMB are similar to departments in large enterprise, public, and Global 500. For instance, to enable availability, backup and disaster recovery, the SMB still needs the similar features that larger entities would require. The base feature sets to be implemented and integrated into data centers are essentially the same, whether you are SMB or not. Keeping this in mind, the focus should not be on the classification of SMB but rather on the features that enable the SMB to efficiently run their business and grow their business. Let me know what you think.

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Kong L. Yang

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