Three S’es for IT Success: Simplicity, Scalability and Sustainability

I’ve talked about information overload in Episode 9 of ‘So Say SMEs.’ The gluttony of data can lead to inefficient process, ill-conceived design decisions and poor execution. The gluttony of data can emanate from having too many chefs in the kitchen, trusting and leveraging the wrong data source, or being unable to correctly analyze the data. Therefore, I propose my three S’es for IT success: simplicity, scalability and sustainability.

  1. Keep IT simple. The process and technology need to be clear, easily understood and standard.
  2. Scaling for all scenarios. The building blocks must scale up and scale out as necessary to meet all business demands quickly, efficiently and effectively.
  3. Sustain itself even as technology, people & processes change. The solution needs to incorporate an end-goal architecture that easily manages and integrates change.

Data Gluttony

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Kong L. Yang

@kongyang on Twitter. I do what I love and I love what I do.

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